Anxiety & Depression


It is normal to experience some element of stress in life, but when stress starts to interfere with your sleep, your relationships, or even your ability to enjoy the moment, then it’s time to do something different. This is important because chronic unabated stress will start to make your body break down. Therapy is one way to learn how to better manage the stressful event or situation. During the therapeutic process I can help you implement strategies of self-care, and teach you how to strengthen your ability to cope.


Depression happens when things don’t work anymore, mostly because your ability to change a situation keeps diminishing. When this occurs coping systems break down and hopelessness sets in. I will guide you through the fog of depression, and help you develop strategies that will make it possible to see the situation differently. Together we will devise a plan to better handle obstacles, and develop a better and more balanced view of the situation. I can help you minimize your weakness and maximizing your strengths.