Welcome to the Pete Thompson Christian Counseling.

We are looking forward to meeting you online and serving your mental health needs through our e-counseling platform.

About E-Counseling

E-Counseling also known as online therapy, cyber-counseling, or e-therapy, allows clients to receive services for their mental health needs via the internet. Sessions are conducted using various platforms.

Advantages of E-Counseling

  • Clients living in areas where there are limited resources are now able to receive counseling
  • Clients can receive a specialized type of therapy such as Christian Counseling
  • Clients who have limited transportation, live too far to travel, or might be homebound due to physical or emotional limitations can now receive services
  • When a client moves/travels to another area or state the client can still meet with the same therapist to continue the therapeutic relationship
  • Clients can use e-counseling as a solution to busy schedules
  • Some clients prefer counseling services from the comfort and privacy of their home/office/car

Risks and limitations to E-Counseling

  • Concerns about confidentiality, privacy and unreliable technology
  • Online therapists cannot respond to crisis situations as easily as local services
  • Nothing replaces person to person contact


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