Pete Thompson Christian Counseling

“It’s important to talk with someone who shares your Christian values. That’s why I started Pete Thompson Christian Counseling. I want to help you tap into God’s infinite resources to bring peace and healing into your current situation.”

– Pete

Pete Thompson, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in TX, CA, FL & AZ, provides Christian counseling. With over 35 years in the mental health field, Pete combines a cognitive behavioral approach with the infinite resources of knowledge found in God’s Holy Word, the Bible. Meet Pete, your Christian Counselor.

Anxiety Ridden Man
Anxiety & Depression

It is normal to experience some element of stress in life, but when stress starts to interfere with your sleep, your relationships, or even your ability to enjoy the moment, then it’s time to do something different.


Both new and mature marriages can develop unhealthy habits and become overtaxed due to all that life demands.


My desire is to help parents stay the course and show them why what they are doing will work, it just might take longer than they want.


Pastors wear many hats, and one of them is counseling members of their congregation when they need help. Sometimes however cases become more difficult, and a trained therapist is needed to address complicated issues.


E-Counseling also known as online therapy, cyber-counseling, or e-therapy, allows clients to receive services for their mental health needs via the internet. Sessions are conducted using: FaceTime, Skype, and sometimes person computing systems.


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