Pastors wear many hats, and one of them is counseling members of their congregation when they need help. Pastoral counseling typically falls into the areas of:

  • Preparation for marriage
  • Marriage conflicts
  • Behavior issues with children

Sometimes however cases become more difficult, and a trained therapist is needed to address complicated issues. The challenge comes when there are no Christian therapeutic resources available in the community.

This is why Pete Thompson Christian Counseling is offering both in person and online therapy from a Christian Worldview, and has been doing so for over 14 years. Pete is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in both the state of Texas and California. He is a member of the Focus on the Family Christian Counselors Network, and the Association for Biblical Counselors, and a practicing believer in Christ for over 44 years. As a trained therapist Pete is able to handle a variety of counseling issues that go beyond what most pastors have the time or training to address

“I enjoy consulting with pastors who need someone to reach out to regarding difficult cases, or when they themselves are overtaxed by the demands of leading a congregation. Feel free to call I’m here for you.”

– Pete

Pete Thompson Christian Counseling also offers a Church Plus program that provides counseling to church members at the churches’ expense. It is just another way for church leaders to love church members well. Click here to find out more about the Church Plus Program.