Church Plus Program

How Does It Work?

Churches sign up for the Church Plus program and pre-pay for vouchers to distribute at their discretion to whomever they choose. Vouchers are then redeemed by that person, or couple to receive a free therapy session with Pete Thompson Christian Counseling. The program also offers pastors free phone consultations with the therapist to answer questions.

How many vouchers do I get and how much does it cost?

All Vouchers are sold at a set price and expire 6 months from date of purchase. Some pastors may want to purchase only a few at a time to make sure they are used before the expiration date.

Do I have to pay for all of the therapy sessions for my church member?

No. There is no contract for the Church Plus program.

How does my church afford to pay for this program?

Some churches may choose to join and include the Church Plus program as part of their church care budget, while others fund this program through private donations or church fundraisers.

How do I know my vouchers are being used?

You will receive an email denoting the last name of the client, appointment date attended, and voucher value charged. Due to confidentiality details regarding the therapy session cannot be discussed or given. You would need to speak directly with the person referred in order to gain information about the session if you deem that necessary.

How do I start?

Call 940-218-0999 and order as many vouchers as you need. We take credit cards or checks. Your vouchers can be sent to you via email or postal mail. Begin handing out vouchers as desired.