5 Steps to a Better Marriage



Communication is Key

Both arguing or staying silent regarding conflicts is non-productive in any relationship. While you don’t want to have a discussion when emotions are running high, it’s important to set a time and place to go over issues that need to be addressed.

Build Trust

Unpredictable behavior will breed distrust. Be transparent about where you go and what you do. If you need to meet someone for business or personal reasons, let your spouse know ahead of time.

Be a Team

If each of you are going different directions in life and have opposing goals then you are not acting as a couple, but two people who reside together. It’s important to establish what you believe as a couple and work together, not against each other.

Have Fun Together

Find a common hobby or activity that both of you enjoy. Laughing together is good medicine for any marriage.

Pray Together

Sharing thoughts and concerns through prayer brings you closer together with each other and with God.


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