Anxiety and Children



Starting anything new can be stressful, but it is even more so for young children who lack the experiences associated with new beginnings. Perhaps nothing brings about more anxiety than starting a new school year. Stress is brought on due to so many unknowns-

  • Students I’ve never met before
  • Environments I’m unfamiliar with
  • Teachers who may or may not like me
  • Older students who are larger and might be unkind
  • Bullying that might happen or continue
  • Friends, will I make them?
  • Curriculum, will it be too difficult?

There are some practical ways, however, to keep anxiety in check. Here are a few:

  • Visit the school ahead of time and map out class location
  • Meet the teacher ahead of time
  • Reminisce about past success with new schools or grades
  • Set up a time and place to meet current friends at lunch or recess

If these activities don’t help and anxiety becomes paralyzing it’s time to get professional help. Here are some danger signs to watch for: grades dropping, not feeling engaged in school, eating and sleeping issues, constant worry, panic attacks, crying uncontrollably, wanting to avoid school all together.

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