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  • Reframing

      Reframing is a technique in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) that helps clients identify thoughts that may be counterproductive, and replace them with balanced or productive thoughts. The basis of CBT theory is that bad thoughts produce bad actions. Since I’m a Biblical CBT therapist the only good thoughts are those that align with God…

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  • When Christian Counseling Helps

    Why Christian Counseling? When choosing a therapist it’s important to choose someone who shares your values. A Christian therapist should be making recommendations and considerations that are inline with scripture, since it is the foundation for the believer. What training does a therapist have to complete? That depends on the licensing the therapist holds. I…

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  • The Plumb Line

    A plumb line is a tool consisting of a piece of string with a weight attached at the bottom used by builders, artists, and decorators to achieve a straight vertical line. This tool becomes important because we can’t always trust our own judgment, often things look straight when in reality they aren’t. Everyone uses a plumb…

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