When Christian Counseling Helps



Why Christian Counseling?

When choosing a therapist it’s important to choose someone who shares your values. A Christian therapist should be making recommendations and considerations that are inline with scripture, since it is the foundation for the believer.

What training does a therapist have to complete?

That depends on the licensing the therapist holds. I hold a LCSW, this means that I have undergraduate and graduate degrees in counseling along with 3200 hours of supervision, as well as passing an oral and written examination. I’ve also passed licensing qualifications in other states and currently hold licenses in Texas, California, Arizona, and Florida.

Why is therapy so expensive?

A licensed therapist has to pay for an education, licensing, renewals, and continuing education courses, not to mention utilities, insurance, payroll for support staff, supplies, credit card billing companies, marketing, etc. That said, many therapists like myself offer a sliding scale in order to accommodate clients who struggle to pay the regular rate.

Why don’t most therapist accept insurance?

Less than 20 percent of mental health therapists accept insurance. There are a lot of reasons why. Many times insurance companies pay rates much lower than the current rate most therapists charge. Also, insurance means paperwork, which takes time away from counseling. Lastly, insurance companies change policies or insureds leave jobs or change insurance companies, both of which causes the therapist to lose money when sessions are not paid. Many times when this happens clients will refuse to pay the therapist what is owed and the therapist ends up writing off the session as a total loss in payment, or turning the client over to collections. Pete Thompson Christian Counseling does not accept insurance.

Am I just going to be preached at?

The therapeutic relationship depends upon mutual respect. You are paying for my 36+ plus years of experience dealing with your current situation. There are activities, and tools to practice that will work to bring about healing, as well as discussion, not preaching. I am your therapist, I will tell you the truth without preaching.

Can I see my therapist online?

I see clients both in my Lantana, Texas office and online. I have clients who live: out of my area, out of state, and out of the country, while some just prefer the convenience of online. I use hpaa approved platforms that use video chat so that we can see each other during the session. The platforms I use are easy to navigate. No downloading apps, just one click and you’re in. I collect credit card information right before your session begins.

How long do I need Therapy?

That depends. My desire as a short term therapist is to get you the help you are requesting with as quick a resolution as is possible. Many factors play into the success of the session Are you doing the homework activities suggested? Are you making all of your appointments? Have your goals changed? The client and the therapist can discuss when a desirable outcome has been reached. Clients can decide to discontinue therapy at any time.

Does it work?

I have met with thousands of clients over my 36+ years of practice. I have seen many success stories, and even miracles. You get out of therapy what you put into it. I am thankful to God who uses me to share truth but it is God who gets the credit for the healing. And He is good at it.


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