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What is Short Term Therapy (STT)?

Often called brief therapy or time-limited therapy, STT is ideal for someone who has one issue they are trying to resolve that requires only a few therapy sessions, typically one to seven.

Is Short Term Therapy for me?

Whether it be a new life stressor or challenge that needs to be addressed or something that has happened to you that you do not have control over,  but are forced to deal with, STT can be ideal.

What will happen during Short Term Therapy? 

Every situation is different, however most Short Term Therapy sessions are cognitive based. Clients will learn a tool; a new way to think and behave that brings resolution to their situation.

How do I know if I need Short Term Therapy? 

Common signs manifested by for those who would benefit from STT are:

  1. Sleep issues that are not medically related
  2. Excessive worry about the issue
  3. The issue occupying a great deal of your thought life
  4. Conflicts in relationships
  5. A feeling of being “stuck”
  6. A sense of being alone with the situation
  7. Feeling sad and not your normal disposition
  8. Using substances to cope with the issue
  9. The issue keeps you from engaging in your normal routine
  10. Isolating yourself from others

What do I do next?

Take control of your mental health and seek out a therapist that respects your time and is sensitive to your economic commitment toward therapy.

What we do at PTCC-

  • Set up an appointment with you in-person or online.
  • Make a plan at your first meeting regarding your expectations and goals for the issue, and the number of sessions you are committing toward healing.
  • Come alongside you by giving you the tools necessary to bring wholeness and joy to your life.
  • Share God’s perspective on the issue and how He can bring peace to your issue.
  • Pray for you, you are not alone

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