0f2b88323408d1891595e5d8be1922ffI remember when I was young a new product came out called ‘Superglue’. It promised to hold anything together. Unfortunately, some people treated it like the old Elmer’s Glue’, where you can put dabs of it on your fingers and hold them together, just so you can peel it off. No so with Superglue, once you put those glued fingers together, they stayed glued. The only way to unstick was to rip the skin off your fingers.

Sadly, I’ve counseled many clients who don’t understand glue. When a couple becomes intimate early on in the relationship, they are gluing themselves emotionally to someone that they really don’t know yet. As time passes, and he or she realizes that person is not the right one, the tearing apart is more painful than it was ever supposed to be.

God never intended for us to be intimate until marriage, because the premature ripping apart takes some of our heart with it, and there is no getting it back. We serve a God who heals our brokenness, yet the consequences of sin remain a painful memory of what we wish we had done differently.

But that was then, this is now. Are you currently supergluing yourself with someone that is not your husband or wife? Be wise, I’m not talking about someone who ‘says they want to be your spouse’. Are you loving the person you are dating enough that you are willing to protect his or her heart and purity? This might be a good time to reflect on God’s desire to protect your heart, and leave the glue alone until you stand at the alter before your maker and your family and say, “I do.” And what God has joined together let no one separate!


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