The Leash



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We have a family pet. Our dog, Sophie brings a great deal of joy to our home as well as protection. She goes on regular runs with my wife down to the canal and enjoys walks to the park. One day when my wife was on one of those walks a neighbor boy couldn’t help but admire Sophie’s obedience. Our dog likes to run ahead but knows that she has to wait at every corner for my wife to give her permission to move forward. Sophie patiently sits and waits for my wife to catch up, check for traffic and then give the okay. Our doggie then runs to the next corner and again sits down to wait.

“Hey, how did you teach her to do that?” the boy asked.

My wife had to stop and think. “You know I used to walk her on a leash. She knows I’m looking out for her safety and won’t go ahead until I give the okay. But now we have a relationship so she doesn’t need the leash. She trusts me and waits.”

I had to reflect that when it comes to God many new Christians struggle with the do’s and don’ts of the faith. They consider it constricting like that leash. But those commands and precepts are what God uses to protect us from the consequences that follow sinful and dangerous choices. But after walking with God for several years I’ve come to know my Lord. It’s not restriction or control but love that binds me to my savior. I’ve learned over the years to rely and even depend on my Lord’s direction. I guess you can say I’m off the leash.

Pete Thompson, LCSW & Lynne Thompson

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